The Horse Medicine for the soul


Autore: Daya Eliana Rota
Genere: Amici Pet, Psicologia

“I have touched infinite spaces of love; I have experienced that everything is love. I have learned to understand, to embrace, and to love my personality even when it has been limiting and challenging. I am, simply, I AM. I cannot define, and I do not want to define, because it would be reductive. A flower, a rose, when it begins to bloom, does not ask what fragrance it will have, or if it will be liked. It simply lets the wings of the wind carry its fragrance to those with sensitive nostrils to receive it, to feel it, to appreciate it. But for that flower, it will make no difference; it will simply bloom and carry its fragrance into the world. Therefore, what I can share is the scent, the fragrance of my rose. Gratitude and Love”