Journey to Freedom the way of the horse


Autore: Daya Eliana Rota
Genere: Amici Pet, Psicologia

Something new, nothing predetermined, something that did not have a logical sense, but at the same time flowed, creating a harmonious movement. It was powerful to let go of control and be in what it desired to manifest in the moment. Every time I allowed this pulsation to reveal itself, something inside made space. I craved those moments, I found them magical and wonderfully creative. The intensity, the firmness, the depth of what I was experiencing were moments of ecstasy, which are by no means indescribable. Horses, as compassionate Advaita masters, impart valuable teachings, but only if you are ready to embrace them by letting go of control. They say what you lck he courage to say. What you think is not hidden from them; your energy speaks, and they express your innermost truth. A quantum leap into uncharted territories of oneself, but what you will encounter is unparalleled. In fully living life, I manifest what I am.

There is no center, no origin, no cause, no source, no God, nothing, simply nothing, nothingness. You, you have never existed.